What I’m Doing Now

Thought I would give an update on what I’m doing now! So I decided school wasn’t right for me and after about a month into 5th year I decided I was going to leave and go to college. I got a place at SRUC Oatridge doing NC Countryside Management. I’ve been a few weeks now and am really enjoying it although keeping my eyes open for any jobs or apprenticeships that may pop up which are of interest to me.

I’ll keep my page updated with what I’m doing but for now I’m still on the course at college.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Now

  1. Wow that’s really interesting! It’s great that young people are going into countryside management. I’m sure you will have a really productive future making the countryside boom with wildlife. Hopefully you will be part of the, planting more trees across the U.K. as well!

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